Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tahniah & Selamat Berjaya

Memandangkan seorang kenalan yang juga merupakan seorang dj radio akan dinaikkan pangkat dan bertukar ke Miri, maka kesempatan pada hari cuti wesak digunakan untuk meraikan beliau. it's more of get together over high tea rather. ingatkan nak berkumpul di menara Kl tapi ada pulak yang gayat. Marriot Putrajaya is a good option with it's good food, nice live music and polite crowd tapi jauhlah pulak. finally ended up kat Nikko. adik memang suka bebenor tiramisu kat Deli Lobby lounge Nikko tu. Lagi pun Nikko is only 5 minutes away from home.

and pada semua, thank you for joining us. maaf kalau ada kekurangan. Pada kak Diva tahniah kerana dinaikkan pangkat dan selamat memulakan tugas di tempat baru.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Tribute To The Teachers

May 16 ... teachers day ! So what ! come to think of it why do people nowadays emphasize so much on the special days ....teachers day, mothers days, nurses day, labour day, fathers day .....and all the donnowhat days !. In my good ole days, i don't think anybody borders very much on the so and so days.

Come teachers day, i bet every body would give a good account of their teachers. Do I have fond memories of my teachers ? - of course I do. Well, some are worth mentioning here.

1. Cikgu Wan Mustapha (my standard 1 teacher)
- his son, wan farid was the class monitor. every time cikgu comes into the class, the monitor will stand up, acknowledged and says 'murid murid semua berdiri, selamat pagi ayah' ...and follows my the rest of the class.

2. Cik Gu Yahaya
- I was in standard 4 when the late Cik Gu Yahaya taught us mathematics. A very strict and ruthless teacher I would say. Even his name send shock tremors to the class. He would just point to any student to come forward and solve the mathematical problems on the blackboard. with the ratan always in his right hand, one is sure to get a token on the palm if one can't solve the problem. then automatically, you'll be sent to stand up on the chair. but he was also quite considerate as he would always give you another chance .... a second mistake however will see you on the highest peak in the class (standing on the table!). I do recall, whenever my name was called to approach the blackboard, rather then wasting his time, i would automatically spring up to stand on the table. I learned that by doing so, i always spare the mandatory canning - wow, clever me !. and of course a very common sight to see ... before the maths period was over, 90% of the students in the class will either be standing on the chair or table. needless to say one of the regulars on the table is now a professor in statistics at universiti kebangsaan malaysia.

3. Miss Ng (geography teacher when i was in form 2)
- a young, pretty and sexy teacher from Ipoh who always wear the shortest miniskit!. somehow whenever she came for the class, all the boys will rush to be seated in the front rows. and once the class was over, Arief will always hold a press conference ..... goes like , 'well, today she wears a pink colour undie' ... followed by a moment of Ooooooo and deep silence

4. Cik Gu MN
- a young teacher, graduate from one of the teacher's training college. a form 2 history teacher cum warden. somehow he was always up to something and honestly i find him very irritating. when we were in form 5, he must be in his early 20's. this is one teacher who always think that he was the smartest, strict tak bertempat and very very annoying. unfortunately, i was caught on at least a few occasions - skipping prep classes, lompat pagar keluar malam from the hostel and painting graffiti. he was the one who recommended and insisted that a group of us be awarded the honourable public canning. and he was also the one who recommended me and MRM to be suspended from school for 2 weeks - and that was less then 1 month before the MCE exam. and it's still fresh in my memory when he called me and MRM to his room and said.. 'i bet my last dollar, that both of you will never go far and i'm not surprise if both of you tak jadi manusia pun'. well, i'm glad we proved him wrong .... at least i'm not a pest to the society and dato dr. MRM is an adviser to the prime minister on energy section !

Friday, May 2, 2008


well, a short break for the first of May. the decision was rather late, thus despite taking the budget airline, the fare was not that cheap after all. the initial plan was to redang or tioman, but for reasons i still find hard to comprehend, we end up in langkawi. no regret really.

I can't exactly remember when was my last trip to langkawi. perhaps 10 years ago !. but i do remember taking a mid day flight and the hotel was perhaps 15 minutes away from the airport (honestly didn't remember the hotel's name). attended the opening ceremony at 3.00 pm and presented my paper just before the break at 5.00 pm. after a quick snack, i rushed back to the airport to catch the last flight home.
by the way this trip was the first for my 2 teenage kiddos.

.... and adik on arrival at langkawi airport - i gathered she was fairly excited

thought of visiting the under water world but as advised by the receptionists at the hotel, the cable car ride was a far better option . and there goes the kiddos and the maid in the cable car

and the scenery at the summit was just breath taking. and the aura and phobia of walking on the hanging bridge !

needless to say, visiting the mahsuri mousoleum was a must for the visitors to langkawi.

and of course the attraction of the beach. lots of places to hang out and unwind along the cenang beach at night - very much resemble the night life in kuta beach in bali. a lot of good restaurants serving good seafood and western cuisines. but alas, the tomyam was a mere disappointment!

and can't blame the maid - wow dia pun nak melaram !

and finally, that was me in langkawi.

verdict: a good and well deserved short holiday
Shopping: fantastic (at least i got 3 pieces of ralph laurent shirt for only rm 500)
Food: the restaurants were fairly good, clean and affordable
Setback: adik merajuk sebab tak jumpa cari starbucks to get her ice blended mocca