Tuesday, August 26, 2008

THE weeding - biar betul !

.....and finally the weeding invitations are all over. thanks god !. believe it or not within the last few weeks, i received a total of 16 weeding invitations. agak sukar untuk memenuhi kesemua undangan kerana ada yang bertembung waktu dan hari. just to share a few of those occasions:-

1.My CEO hosted her son's weeding reception at dewan merdeka pwtc. a fairly grand reception, typical of orang johor. tetamu memang ramai, agak full house. yang tak berkenang sikit, suami dia pulak ambil kesempatan mendendangkan a few songs (kalau sedap tu tak apalah !). from reliable sources she spend about 400 thousand ringgit for the reception.

2. A close friend held his daughter's weeding reception at hilton's kl sentral. a lavish reception with a touch of balinese style. the musicians are flown in from jakarta. well, the music was superb and fascinating. the only problem was so much time was spend on merenjis ceremony as there were so many super vvip's that were invited to perform the ritual. and as expected he spend close to 650 thousand ringgit (enam ratus lima puloh ribu ringgit sahaja) for the dinner reception.

3. Another friend held his celebrity son's weeding reception at dewan perdana felda. since his daughter in law is also a tv personality, naturally there were many artists, singers and tv personalies within the crowd. the music was fantastic, performed by the personals from ntv7 and his talented family friends. yang kurang sikit, ada jugak yang render rock songs - rasanya tak sesuai sangat dengan occasion macam ini. anyway, since he does not have to pay for the entertainment, his bill was about 120 thousand ringgit.

4. An immediate neighbour held her daughter's weeding reception at home. fairly simple and non glamorous occasion starting at 8.00 pm. and as expected from a senior high court judge, his circle of friends were rather limited, thus accounting from the relatively small crowd. any way the reception was superb as we get to know our neighbours.

on a personal note, i do not fancy attending weeding receptions at the hotels or dewan simply because i think it is just a waste of time. imagine wasting 3 or 4 hours for the occasions. and of course it doesn't concur to me to spend a few hundred thousand ringgits for the reception. my ideal weeding reception is always the typical kampung style - come at my free convenient time, spend 15 to 30 minutes at the reception, then off i go !

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Such a biggg eater

sometimes i wonder how people can eat soooo much. macam dah tak ada hari esok. of course i can't deny, when one is away from home for 10 months, the first thing they do on reaching home is to fill up their gaster. years ago i also used to be away from home, tapi rasanya tak adalah glutton macam ni. ...... just to recap how our big girl enjoyed her food.

arrived home past noon. barely 6 hours latter she was with her friends at the rows of middle eastern reataurants in jalan damai. the following morning dashed off to nasik lemak antarabangsa kg baru. followed by lunch at kl tower with her fellow african friend and old school mate.

lunch in the air

then of course the regular nightly kampung baru tomyam (one of the best in town i must say)and the nightly visits to old town kopitiam & mamak in jalan yap kwan seng. and not forgeting her asam laksa at little penang cafe in klcc. a wee bit lucky though, she just visited klcc's dome only once since her arrival. and her yearly bbq with friends at home.

the gathering .......

and despite been occupied with her daily practical training at ijn, sempat jugak lunch hopping ke cosy corner at ampang park and legend's di atas braserrie. and not missing the regular week end hi tea's with her bro & sis.

.... says this is her favourite.

guess who's the biggest eater.

and her list of makan goes on and on. i really find it difficult to keep up with her appetite pace - i'm only hopping that i'm not growing side ways !