Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You're a Joker !

Found this in my alumni forum. Have a good day !

Somebody farted during the inquiry.

Inquiry officer asked Tengku Adnan first: Did you fart?
Adnan replied: You must be drunk or mad.

the officer then asked Dr Mahathir: Did you fart?
Mahathir answered: I don't remember. Anyway it's my prerogative to fart and
I don't have to answer to any body.

He then asked Eusoff Chin: Did you fart?
Eusoff Chin answered: If anyone wants to fart, what can I do?

The officer then turned to Lingam: Did you fart?
Lingam replied: Sounds like mine, smells like mine ...

Friday, January 25, 2008

Boring Habis $%@#$#$^#

rasanya dah lama tak update blog ni. takut pulak blog ni blank terus, jadi tulislah apa yang patut (walau pun mood tu memang at the lowest level). sebenarnya tak ada apa yang special nak ditulis. load surprisingly agak heavy bermula dari awal minggu pertama tahun baru 2008. ada a few emergencies requiring surgery at the wee hour of the morning. naturally terpaksalah tukar sleeping pattern, kira macam kena jet lag lah tu. penat tu memanglah penat sebab the next day tu kena jugak kerja macam biasa. well, i'm not complaining either, sebab $$$$$$ masyuk.

2.Dad was at my house last week. Tapi this time around he seems to be a bit emotional. ternampak on a few occasion he was weeping tapi bila ditanya katanya tak ada apa apa. yesterday he insisted that I sent him to my sis house in rahman putera . i know dia memang close dengan the maid tu. lepas hantar baba ke sungai buloh barulah maid cerita. katanya he could't stay at my house kerana terkenang arwah mama. I was also very surprised sebab bila baba datang this time dia memang tak nak tidur kat bilik arwah mama. bilik yang arwah mama duduk dulu memang agak selesa sebab very spacious with attach bathroom, aircond and a king size bed. kata maid lagi, the memories of arwah mama tiba tiba make him very emotional, sebab tu lah dia mintak pergi rahman putera.

3. last week juga, tetiba on one fine morning maid mengadu kedua dua tong sampah sudah hilang dicuri orang daripada tempat sampah. ish ish, ... ingatkan curi besi penutup longkang jer, tong sampah pun mereka sapu. balik kerja sebelah petang maid bagi tahu, bukan tong sampah kita saja yang lesap tapi semua tong sampah dari rumah di jalan 4 dan 5 kena angkut !. yang bestnya maid sebelah kena marah dengan dato' majikan dia, katanya tong sampah pun tak pandai jaga !

4. and the march school holiday is just round the corner. yesterday rizal from the travel agency called. katanya ada trip ke jordan and syria. kalau interested, boleh cuba masuk ke hebron di palestin tapi risiko tanggung sendiri. ish, itu kira bagus tu, bukan senang nak pergi palestin tu .....

Sunday, January 13, 2008

To Sir With Love

I was flipping thro' the old album last night when adik asked .. who's that man ????
well, that was my professor, my mentor and someone whom i admired. the late Professor Sir Harry. Sir Harry would addressed everyone, from the tea lady to the most senior consultant surgeon as a 'professor'. Of course, i was shock when he greeted me ..'morning professor', on my very first day when i reported for duty as a medical office in his department. needless to say, though i had to work long hours, not a moment had i complained. i really enjoyed working under this great man. a man who had such a great sense of humour. remembering him triggers my gray matter to some of the jokes that we shared.

1. a man in his 50's was admitted to the ward with severe epigastric and lower chest pain. having clerked and examined him, i presented my findings to Sir Harry who was doing his evening teaching rounds with some postgraduate students. looking at me he asked .. professor, what was your differential diagnosis ? and what investigations would you do to support your diagnosis ? showing him the ECG (electrocardiography) tracing, i told him that the gentleman was suffering from acute myocardial infarction (heart attack) and that the medical officer at the accident and emergency department had wrongly diagnosed and admitted him to our surgical ward. the ECG tracing showed classical 'ST elevation' in all leads. picking up the ECG strip and glancing thro' for 2 minutes, he looked at me and his postgraduate students, he said .... very well professor, .... in the eyes of a surgeon, all ECG's look alike!. even a first year medical student would be able to diagnose a heart attack just by looking at the typical ECG pattern of elevated ST segments. the moral of the story is ,.. don't trust a surgeon when it comes to your heart.

2. there was this indian gentleman who was warded for melena (passing out of loose foul smelling stool mixed with stale blood). during the morning round, Sir Harry turned to me and said ..'professor, would you do a per rectal examination (sticking up one's finger into his anus to determine the progress and colour of the stool) on this gentleman now' . having done the procedure, the gentleman, visibly annoyed by now, looked up at us and has this to say 'apa pasal hari hari pun ada mahu jolok. awak semua ingat in buntut gomen punya ka ??

3. on hearing the code blue message, i rushed to the ward. there Sir Harry and a few other medical personals were ressusitating a patient who developed sudden heart attack following a surgery to remove his gall stones. following defibrillation, the heart rhythm was not in a synchronised state. turning to dr. gurcharan singh (a newly qualified doctor) he shouted ..."professor, get me the verapamil" ( verapamil was the drug use to resynchronise the heart beat). after 5 minutes Sir Harry shouted again ....where is the bloody damned verapamil ???. but dr. gurcharan was no where to be seen. he appeared after 30 minutes. looking very exhausted and gasping for breath, he handed it to Sir Harry. my god, what the hell you bringing this for, lamented Sir Harry. i'm asking for a verapamil and not a burial permit (an official notification form to document the cause of death before one can bury the dead). pity dr. gurcharan, he must have rushed down to the mortury to get the burial permit. well, to cut the story short, the patient indeed required the burial permit.

4. a middle age chinese lady saw Sir Harry in the surgical out patient clinic complaining of constipation (passing hard stool). as Sir Harry does not speak bahasa, he called me to translate. 'well, Ah Soh, saya kasi ini ubat (dulcolax suppository), masuk sana bawah, lepas tu najis mesti jadi lembut, kemudian baru senang pangsai', i explained to her. a week latter she came back to see Sir Harry who then instructed me to handle her case. the lady said ' saya sudah masuk itu ubat sana bawah, tapi apa pasal lagi tak senang pangsai ?'. i was a bit puzzled, usually the dulcolax suppository works very well. trying to solve her problem, i asked her again . 'Ah Soh, awak tunjuk saya macam mana awak masuk itu ubat !'. and this was what she has to say " hari itu awak cakap mahu masuk itu ubat sana bawah . jadi saya sudah buka itu ubat punya plastik, kemudian saya masuk sana bawahlah, dalam itu toilet bowl " i can't help laughing. no wonder it does not work. the suppository was supposed to be inserted into her anus and not into the toilet bowl.

To Professor Sir Harry,
Thank you for your guidance, trust and encouragement. Do rest in peace !

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday Routine

come sunday morning, adik's usual remark ... 'abah, hari ni lunch mana ?'. the kiddos know it very well that since we're only free on a sunday, we always bring them out for lunch or dinner on our free day. needless to say we've to forget about dieting on a sunday !. but the biggest question as always is nak lunch or dinner kat mana ?? the usual options - nasi padang at natrabu or puti bongsu, tarbush, thai village, nasi kelantan in kg baru, legend, le meridian, penang village, grand seasons, marriot putrajaya, pelita nasi kandar (and the list goes on ...). the only problem is geena and farhi always has a contrasting taste. farhi would opted for nasi padang and his ice telle or the thai dishes. geena on the other hand would go for lasagna, speghetti or penang asam laksa. the parents, semua boleh !

so here we're today. at one of our usual pot ! the good thing about this place is ample parking space, only 10 minutes from home, not many customers (you can drop by without an appointment on a sunday but definitely not for lunch on a working day !)

having lunch or dinner at leisure with the kiddos at least once a week on a sunday is something we always look forward. usually this is the time we talk to them about school and their friends. and on their part, this is the time they put up their requests. and geena's request was a bit odd today ..'tasha tanya, boleh tak geena jadi flower girl for her sister's weeding kat bangsar next week ?'

and of course, to maintain the waistline we do have to diet !

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year - 2008

i'm still down with low grade fever. this irritating non productive cough is killing me. and for the last 3 nights i've been sleeping alone in the spare room. kira very considerate lah sebab tak mahu the other half terjangkit pulak dengan upper respiratory tract infection ni.

saw some fireworks fired from klcc via the window on the upper floor at the stroke of midnight - nothing interesting ! and the neighbour's daughter with her group of teenages friends punyalah bising memekak celebrating the new year. was called in the wee hour of the morning. two arab students who were drunk had a browl in the pub, landed in the emergency department with kepala koyak sana sini.

azam for the new year ? . nothing new. last year punya pun tak tahu dah tercapai ke belum. as usual, just hope to make more money this year. *** SO HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY ***