Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is This a Joke !

i recieved this plastic a few days ago. terkejut & terperanjat. the bank must be joking when it says 'we are please to advise that your application for pl***num card has been approved. ish ish ish bila masa lah pulak aku apply ni ?. penipu besorlah tu. and worse still katannya ' your credit limit has been raised to 40K !. ini kira dah melampau.

and to whom it may concern, ... give me 5 reasons why you deserve this new plastic. oppss, on second thought, i think it's best if you stick to your current plastic
(at least tak bertambah cerahlah kulit kepala principle card holder)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thank You .... & Welcome

siti will be leaving us soon. since our maid left us 6 months ago, life has been rather .. sob, sob, sob. imagine, having to shorten my slumber to prepare the 2 kiddos for school, help with the laundry, iron my own attire to work and bla bla bla. luckily the suffering only lasted for 3 months. while waiting for the replacement maid, one of our friend was kind enough to loan us siti. she has been such an exemplary and hard working girl. i wish she could stay longer, but then we don't really need 2 maids to help with the house chores. we used to have 2 maids before, one exclusively to take care of my late mum. having 2 maids was not easy though as they regularly back stab and quarrel with each other. and to siti we wish to thank you for all your deeds and wish you all the best in your future undertakings.

darsi at her first high tea in zende seri pacific today. i'm sure there are more to come !

and to our new maid (only 4 days with us), hopefully she'll enjoy her stay with us. just a piece of advise ... beware of geena, been the youngest, she can be very snobbish and kepala angin at time.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

stop ! . take a break

can't exactly recall when i last visited my own blog. i was extremely busy since beginning of the year, reached home fairly late in the evening, tired & exhausted!. i really needed a break. and when boss told me to represent him to indonesia last week, i felt so relieved ! well, there i was .... spending the weekend in this superb hotel. every thing was fantastic about this newly refurbish hotel. the joy of waking up late in the morning, enjoying my breakfast at leisure, spending time over coffee at the pool terrace and enjoying the evening at the lobby lounge listening to beautiful songs rendered by a most talented singer I've ever met. of course the kiddos kata tak aci abah tidur kat hotel yang best. a very deserving break i must say. well, jakarta, here we come again on the 13th. march. this time the whole family (minus nana) will be there.

didn't realised that it was valentine last saturday until the waitress at the kofuko restaurant presented adik with a small box of chocolate and a bunch of rose. been very naive, her first remark 'buat apa bagi adik bunga ni , adik mana suka bunga' well, i don't give a damn about valentine's day. we were there not to celebrate but to have our lunch and spend some time with the kiddos!.

and adik posing in the restaurant.